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by Admin 22-Jan 2010

Q. Ciao! 
My father was born in Italy as were my grandparents and Aunt.  I want to apply for an Italian Passport as I travel there whenever time and money allows!!  BUT--I need to locate my grandparents birth certificate and do not know how to go about that.  Could you direct me to the correct Italian Department I would need to contact? 

A. Hi Linda,
You need to request each birth certificate Cerificato di Nascita from the Anagrafe (registry office) of the Comune (municipality) where each grandparent was born. The request should contain the following information: name, place and birth date of the person and the name of the parents of the person born. If the individual was born in a tiny village, hamlet or location outside of a town with a town hall, visit this site to locate the Comune. The search site is in Italian but it will eventually lead you to the right city hall. Let me know how you made out.

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